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Professional Trainer with a Passion for Versatile Dogs

Kate found her love for training with her first dog, Levi. Together they test and trial in NAVHDA's testing system and multiple AKC sports: Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Obedience, Nosework, and Therapy Dog Work.

She is passionate about unlocking your and your dog's potential. We are here to support you on your training (and maybe trialing!) journey. 

In October 2020, Kate joined Canine Therapy Corps as a part-time trainer teaching three levels of group classes including Competence to Confidence that prepares handlers and dogs for our rigorous test. 

In 2023 Kate & Levi put down a clean run at the VCA National Gun Dog Championship with six impeccably worked finds and debuted at the NAVHDA Invitational to strong scores in the Blind and Field.  Kate & Ezra will keep learning the Field Trial game and are putting the pieces together for his field titles.


Leaf on the Wind


Levi is a companion dog extraordinare who happens to be an exceptional therapy dog and talented hunting dog. 

Levi showed the apptitude for Therapy Work as a young dog and certified shortly after his second birthday. He delights in meeting new people and will ceasely work for anyone who may give him a treat. 

His work ethic in the field leaves no corner unchecked and no downed bird lost. Once a 'lost cause' as a retriever, his retreive was rebuilt from the ground up with positive reinforcement. Training this skill has built a partnership of communication & trust between us that was missing with other techniques. 



Solterra Helpful Old Sol


Bursting with potential and enthusiam for everything, Ezra is a purpose bred, purpose bought, sport prospect. 

He has taken to training advanced skills like a fish to water, which is ironic as he certainly didn't take to swimming like a fish at first!  Yet he has a "never quit" attitude in everything he does and he does everything with style.

You'll find Ezra in the field, the ring, and maybe a few surprise venues down the road!

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