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Kate has been an amazing dog trainer. She is approachable, understanding to issues that people have with their pups, and offers several methods of working to remediate. 

I have taken her handler clinic series and have done one on one training. In her courses, I have always walked away with a new technique or skill with my dog handling that I have not been taught before. Kate has helped me learn several steps to working on my pet handling skills and offered resources to help build practices with my dog. 

Not to forget to mention, her classes are fun! We do activities, each person gets to showcase the training and it is in new environments. I highly recommend taking Kate's courses with your dog, she is insightful, supportive and the course are unique!

Adele & Merlin

We have always had an interest in getting Zeke into fields and watching his genetics shine in the bird dog world, but it can be intimidating as a total newbie. Kate is a very approachable way to get acclimated and we are so lucky to have met her!

She talks about learning theory and focuses the 'work' on the handler; helping the human half of the team understand what they are doing and how the dog's behavior is impacted. It is so refreshing to hear a trainer discuss the vast differences in dogs and their learning needs and approach training with this lens.

The bird dog world feels less scary with her as a guide!

Jamie & Zeke

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